Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Things Going On At The Hay House

We have had some great fun and adventures here at the Hay House since the last post. I realize that my last post was exactly 1 month ago. The kids had a week off the week of Valentine's Day. Tom had Monday the 15th off due to President's Day so we went to the snow. Gram, Pa, and Ali went as well. We packed a lunch, snow gear and off we went. We went to a snow park where we could sled. As we got there we noticed that everyone else in Placer County had the same idea as us.

Thomas was able to go see the famous Antsy McClain. He went with Tom. I would have gone, but we couldn't get a babysitter so Thomas got to go and he was in heaven. He knows many Antsy songs and can sing right along. Antsy drew on a baloon for him and it is still floating around our house. That is a miracle in itself with our gang.
One day Macie decided she needed another sister and Matthew was willing to play along. He is very funny and saw the humor in this dress up game.

Then the first week in March came the pinewood derby for Thomas' cub scout pack 220. He has begun playing baseball for the Tri City Little League AA division on the Athletics so baseball was first on his mind. He created a nifty little baseball bat car. I'm so pleased with his creative spirit. Check out the car and some of the happenings at the Derby.

Macie participates in Activity Day Girls at church and they had a stake wide evening with their Dads. It was a father / daughter dance. We bough Macie a wrist corsage for her to wear and they both dressed up and went off to the dance. They learned the waltz and she learned how to tie a tie on her Daddy's neck. So cute and fun. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall and watched them together. She had a good time and so did Tom.
Lastly we celebrated Tri City Little Leagues 50th year. Yesterday we went to opening day ceremonies. Thomas walked out on the field with his team the A's and then Julia walked out on the field with me and her team the All Stars. She is on the Challenger team for kids with special needs. She is so excited to be on a team like Thomas. Of course, Thomas was hoping they would play each other, but that won't happen. I got choked up when I walked with Julia and all the people cheered for her and her special team. It will be a crazy few months with baseball and then swim season starts. What have I gotten us into. :)

We are looking forward to the spring which brings birthday celebrations, garden planning and planting, games, practices, Tony Crane dances and much more. Good Luck to us. :)

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great pictures. looks likes you guys really know how to have fun.