Monday, January 18, 2010

It's That Time of Year, Again

I can't believe it that it is January again and that basketball season has started. The kids are once again in the Rocklin High School Little Thunder League. Julia is on the Cougars, Thomas is on the Hawks, and Macie is on the Rage. There weren't enough girls for Macie to play so they have put her in the Rocklin Rec. League. She practices on Friday nights and plays on Saturday mornings. Last Sat. Thomas made a 3 pointer and made 3 regular baskets for a grand total of 9 points and his team won. He was soooo excited. Julia has been learning how to keep her hands up and try not to let the other team make a basket. She gets to be on the team with her best bud, Billie Mae Bates. They are so cute playing together. We had to tell the girls the first week to let the other one play and not follow each other around. I love watching them play. Matthew will get to participate next year as he will be in Kindergarten. Watch out world Matthew is coming. :) Anyway, happy January and all the basketball that comes with it.
Tom and I got to go out on a date Friday night. Mom babysat and we went to the movies. We saw Leap Year. We both loved it. It was a classic romantic comedy with humor. We would definately see it again. It was nice being by ourselves, but of course we spent most of our time talking about the kids. :)

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Great site and would love to meet you since you also have 5 kids..I'm following you know too.