Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Baby Is 1 Year Old Today!!!!!

Yep, that's right Henry is 1 year today. We just don't know where the year has gone. He has reached many milestones and loves to play and giggle with his brothers and sisters. He is the most gigglie baby I know. Today he went to the see Dr. Wong, and poor Dr. Wong, she had to deal with the whole Hay gang coming to the appt. Anyway, he had his 1 year old shots and is now a bit cranky. Now, we all know how big he is, but he has weighed in at the 50 percentile with 22lbs. 11oz. and he is 29.5 inches long putting him in the 48th percentile. I guess he is right on average and is no longer a super big baby. I then took the whole gang to get end of the year/happy birthday ice cream cones. Henry loved the bites of chocolate goodness that he got. Yummo, something new to scream for when everyone else is eating it. I also took him to get his first year portraits done. Ooooohhh they are so cute. This picture I took with my fabulous Nikon camera. Isn't he cute. I also took a few of Matthew with him. Henry can crawl, pull up on things, try to stand alone, sign more (Thank you, Signing Time!), laugh when things are funny, and just be so stinkin cute that I could just eat him up. Here's to you Henry. We love You.
Here is a video of our favorite, Rachel Coleman of Signing Time!, doing her Happy Birthday song.

More shots from the Hay House birthday photo shoot.


Jess said...

Your boys are so "stinkin'" CUTE! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday...HENRY!

My Stacey, what an awesome camera you have. What kind is it? Oh that's right haven't we had the conversation before! LOL (I love mine)

Janel said...

happy belated b-day Henry. Oh boy was that Matthew getting into trouble with the reddish stuff on his face. You've got your hands full!

DebLawson said...

Happy First Birthday to the baby I have yet to see!
That first year always goes by way too fast.
What a darling boy he is! All of your kids are wonderful!

Have fun!

Jenna Lee said...

How cute are they!!! I havent been on here in a long time! i need to update more often!! So i just did! But i will start writing stuff instead of just pictures! I am doing great! I am ready to come home for the heat tho!tell the kids hi! and glad to see you are doing good!