Monday, March 10, 2008

Signing 17 month old can read!

I know I am constantly telling all of you about signing and Signing Time!, but this is amazing. This little Texas girl can read and her parents, who are speech pathologists, credit her early reading with Signing Time!. I have talked about how my kids have known their letters at an early age and I think it is because of our using Signing Time!. Anyway read this story that was aired on NBC's Today Show.
Also check out this video of her in action. I know you will be as impressed as I am. I just can't say enough about the value in signing with your kids.


adayearly said...

That is so cool! We are teaching my 1-yr-old son to sign. He just started signing milk. We were so excited!

DebLawson said...

I saw this on the Today show the other morning and have told so many people about it!~

She's such a cutie, too.


Michie said...

Hi - Thanks for stopping by my blog. People have told me that Paige's language is advanced for her age. She knows all her letters and has for some time. I always credit signing and Signing Time for that.