Friday, February 1, 2008

My cousin got married!

I went to Anaheim this last weekend because my cousin Jake got married. I flew down on Sat. morning with my sister and her husband, and met up with my parents. We then flew back home on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time visiting with family and celebrating Jake and Debbie. I loved being on my own for a few hours. I laughed at dinner because I didn't have to cut any food for anyone or tell people to settle down and eat. I have to say that Tom is a saint for staying at home with the gang and not once complaining. Jake was very happy that some of his family was there to support him. It was a beautiful wedding and Jake and Debbie are now in Maui on their honeymoon. Thanks Jake and Debbie for inviting me and letting me share in your special day.

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DebLawson said...

Sounds like you had WAYYYYYY too much fun there! How cool that you got to get away for a bit and to spend time with your family! Awesome!
I also wanted to tell you, Haley told me the other day she has a girl in her class who apparently is one of several children singing in the background for those "Signing Time..." DVDs.... now, obviously, you would be the expert on that one, are there kids singing in the background, maybe during the intro to the video? I don't know, but Haley said this gal and her sister are in those movies, their voices, anyway!
I remember Chloe always singing that song or doing signs from the videos after babysitting for you! :)